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Carl Williams is a native of Texas, who grew up in Weatherford Texas.  As a youth he developed a heart for ministry and a passion for music. He began singing in the church choir at the age of three and writing his own material at the age of seven.  Shortly, after graduating high school Carl married his wife Jennifer, who also sings in the ministry and they have three children, Salyce, Carl Jr. and Veronica.

Carl has always valued his relationship with God and the music that is birth from that has become a tool by which many lives have been touched, healed, delivered and set free.  His music brings you into an intimate place of worship which leads you directly into the presence of God.  At the same time, it brings hope and encouragement to the broken-hearted.  Carl is an anointed, humble man of God who is not only a musician, vocalist, and prophetic songwriter but is truly a man after God’s own heart and his music depicts his passion for Christ.

Being musically inclined along with an outpouring of what God has imparted into him, yielded the ministry, Carl Williams & Tru Praze.  As the Founder and Director of the music ministry, his assignment is to “cover the earth with true worship.”   His gift paired with a pure heart has afforded him many opportunities to worship with numerous artists, apprehending God in worship as he travels from city to city and state to state.

Over the years of sharing his music, God had an even greater “call” on his life and that was to pastor.  In 2000, Carl accepted the “call” and God has anointed him to preach freedom to the captives and those in bondage.  The call has launched Pastor Williams into a dimension of ministry where his assignment is to teach/preach holiness!  In 2016, God transitioned Pastor Williams but with a greater mandate on his life and that was to birth Rehoboth House of Worship located in Fort Worth, Texas.  This call is not only to the body of Christ but to minister to those in the urban area and minister life to those who are on drugs, homeless, prostitutes and those the enemy has taken hostage.  For Carl, pastoring is where the passion of ministry through the collaboration of the word and music come together to bless the hearts of God’s people and to see lives changed. 

In coming into the knowledge of this mighty man of God, what speaks volumes is that…..Carl Williams LIVES to worship and he worships to LIVE!

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